L1000665 CRd C14 TIL V1a Q8
DSC_0384 CRd crop NRpro blur BW Lvls Crvs V1 2000 Q6
L1001123 CRd CC14 TIL V1 Q6
L1000650 CRd CC14 TIL V1 copy Q6
DSC_1091 TIL V3 2000×1000 Q8

Moments in Monochrome

Welcome to The Intuitive Lens. I hope you enjoy viewing the site as much as I have enjoyed contributing to it.


I‘ve always been both attracted and beguiled by the extra impact and sense of mystery that monochrome lends to an image, so this site is dedicated to my continued efforts to capture some of life’s more intriguing moments and the constantly improving equipment that helps make that task more of a joy than the traditional cameras and darkroom processes of the past with which I began this seemingly never ending journey.


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Revisiting DxO Optics – Version 10

My quest for a ‘Holy Grail’ Digital Darkroom workflow that will, eventually one hopes, provide a truly fit for purpose alternative to Photoshop with its infamous and still suspect Subscription Model, goes on, undaunted. Now that Aperture’s... read more

Sony RX100 V3 – Another Pocket Rocket – But Better

I recently passed on my much treasured Sony RX100 Mark 1 to my wife as her Panasonic LX7’s sensor had given up the ghost – or rather had acquired a nasty black ghosting across half of the frame – and she didn’t want to replace it with the much... read more

Sony A7s First Outing

It’s always a challenge to get to grips with a new camera, but the Sony A7s makes it relatively easy. Yes, it has many menu options to learn to navigate, but that’s because it offers so many options. Straight out of the box, coupled with the new 16mm to... read more

Sony A7s – The Best Mirrorless Camera to Date?

It’s that time of year again when I get a chance to catch up and refresh my gear and software. First on the list this December was the Sony A7s, a 12 megapixel sensor-ed camera with outstanding low light capabilities and very high quality HD and UHD video. It... read more

Sunday Stroll with the Sony RX100

Just happened to turn around at the right moment while I was photographing some Classic Cars at the local Village Green in Croxley. Caught a nice moment with this trio strolling along – well more like ambling across the Green on a rather chilly Sunday afternoon.... read more

Sony A7R Shutter Vibration Issues

If, like me, you’ve been contemplating the latest full frame sensor cameras from Sony, you might just be interested in Lloyd Chambers’ (and others) work testing the performance of the A7R. He has produced evidence that the A7R has a problem with its... read more
Images from the Isle of Skye


The Isle of Skye, Scotland

L1000402 CRd crop V4 3ptB 789px


Towersey Folk Festival Dancers

Images from The Isles of Harris and Lewis


The Harris & Lewis Islands



It’s wonderful to see how photography has changed over the years since I first began ‘snapping’ my first serious images with a newly acquired Canon FTb-N in 1973. In those days one could not have dreamed how photography would evolve into what it is today


In the early seventies I had the good fortune to stumble upon my local Photographic Society. Far from a stuffy ‘old boys’ club it was run by very dynamic and genuinely helpful experts, many of whom were highly respected members of the Royal Photographic Society. I dreamed of becoming a decent photographer, being fascinated by the cameras of the day, the somewhat mystical darkroom process and most importantly, the wonderful images that these experts were creating.

It has been a long and exciting journey. So many aspects of the art and craft of photography have changed radically in that time. My first efforts in the darkroom showed me how painstaking you have to be, nay obsessive, if you want to improve and ‘develop’ – no pun intended!

Leaving the technical changes to one side, astounding though they are, the abiding theme, over all that time, has been my constant love of image making, my search for personal improvement and the never ending pursuit of photographic excellence. Hard task masters. So I have applied myself, with cyclic obsessiveness, to this infinitely rewarding journey and I wish you the greatest success on yours.


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